Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peak Fossil Fuels and Limits to Growth in 34 Minutes

Here is a wonderfully concise presentation, titled, "There's No Tomorrow" by Incubate Pictures; an animation video covering many of the topics I write about in this blog: peak oil, peak fossil fuels, peak food, and population growth.  The information density in this 34 minute video is very high, so unless you have been looking at these issues for awhile, you may have to replay this a few times to absorb it all.  My only quibble: the background music sometimes washes out the narration. 

For data nerds, like me, you might want to see the supporting references: these are provided by the producer here.  Although the end of the video suggests many things that one can do to prepare for the difficult times ahead, I think the title pretty well sums up the producer's view of the future for most of us.

(hat tip: Bill Hicks' Downward Spiral)

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  1. Thanks for cross-posting this, CW. The word definitely needs to be spread far and wide. :)


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